Christelle Boule for Loupe

I have a short piece on Christelle Boule’s beautiful series, Drops, in the new issue of Loupe magazine. Pick up a copy or order online here.


Marcin Januszkiewicz and Bartolomeo Celestino for Loupe

I have two features in the new issue of Loupe magazine, one on Marcin Januszkiewicz and the other on Bartolomeo Celestino. Pick up a copy or order online here.


Music and Melodrama: A Mini Minelliathon

In preparation for our 2A Films screening of The Cobweb, I took the opportunity to work my way through some of Vincente Minnelli’s extensive filmography. I didn’t see them all – Minnelli made some 34 feature films and a fair few remain unavailable in the UK – but it was a spectacular ride all the same. Read a round-up of the ones I did see here.


2A Films

Together with Billy Launder, I have established 2A Films, a repertory cinema programming initiative focusing on lesser-known and lesser-seen films.

Our first event was a 35mm presentation of Simon and Laura (Muriel Box, 1955) at the Cinema Museum. This was for Scalarama 2016 and the film was introduced by Josephine Botting, Fiction Curator at the BFI.

Our next event is The Cobweb (Vincente Minnelli, 1955) at Genesis Cinema on 26th January. The film is screening from 35mm and will be introduced by Professor Peter William Evans, Emeritus Professor of Film Studies at Queen Mary University of London.

You can book tickets here. Hope to see you there!


The eccentricity of Hercule Poirot, for ARTICLE

I had the pleasure of writing about eccentricity and Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot for Issue 7 of ARTICLE. Here’s a sneak peek of the text (and beautiful art direction by the ARTICLE team): Continue reading


Florence Nightingale and Statistics for the Science Museum Journal

My article on Florence Nightingale and Harriet Martineau’s book, England and her Soldiers, has been published in the Science Museum Journal. A peer-reviewed text, it draws on content research I undertook for the Museum’s new Mathematics Gallery.


The Observer/ Anthony Burgess Prize for Arts Journalism

I’m delighted to have been selected as a Runner Up in the 2015 Observer/ Anthony Burgess Prize for Arts Journalism.

Pieces were selected by a panel of judges chaired by the novelist and playwright Kate Mosse and including the writers Alexandra Harris and Ruth Scurr, and associate editor of the Observer newspaper Robert McCrum.

My piece, a review of Candida Höfer’s exhibition at Ben Brown Fine Arts, can be read here.


Women In Clothes

My answers from the Women In Clothes survey, which I completed last year. The survey is a fascinating insight into the way women relate to their bodies and their clothes. You can read other women’s answers here. Continue reading


On Mental Illness, Suicide and Misreading Francesca Woodman

As London’s Victoria Miro gallery opens an exhibition of photographs by Francesca Woodman, I consider the way Woodman’s mental illness has – often unfairly – shaped the understanding and reception of her work. Continue reading