200 years of Frankenstein on stage and onscreen, Literary Hub, 2018. 

Christelle Boule, Loupe, 2017.

In praise of Daphne Du Maurier, Little White Lies, 2017.

Marcin Januszkiewicz, Loupe, 2017.

Bartolomeo Celestino, Loupe, 2017.

The Soft Collective – Broadscape, Brighton Photo Fringe, 2016.

Eva Stenram, Loupe, 2016.

The Visitor, Article, 2016.

Candida Höfer’s Memory, Observer. 2016.

A Statistical Campaign: Florence Nightingale and Harriet Martineau’s England and her Soldiers, Science Museum Group Journal. 2016.

Awkward, Article, 2015

Primrose: Early Colour Photography in Russia, Photomonitor, 2014.

Contemporary Japanese Photobooks, Vignette, 2012.

Tomas Leach and Saul Leiter, Vignette, 2012.

Costume and Identity in Hitchcock’s Vertigo, Clothes On Film, 2012.

Take the Picture! Richard Avedon and Funny Face, Vignette Online, 2012

Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre: The Ruins of Detroit, Vignette, 2012

Massimo Vitali, Vignette, 2012.

Martin Parr, Vignette, 2011.



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